About Enterprise Solutions

NECI has served New England with a wide array of process automation and information management solutions for more than 50 years. Today, with Enterprise Solutions, we're taking our expertise in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology segments and using data management to optimize the process lifecycle. 

With Enterprise Solutions, NECI will help you to capture and aggregate disparate data within your organization, create a plan to take your organization to the next level of data management in a way that doesn’t disrupt your critical processes, and help you to create a path to mature data management.


Enterprise Solutions Will Help You To:
  • Collect data electronically

  • Aggregate and visualize information

  • Access meaningful information via dashboard

  • Achieve transparency into manufacturing process performance

  • Identify bottlenecks that may exist in the process

  • Optimize the time usage of key scientists, technicians, and managers

  • Improve the speed of technology transfer through more efficient or automated data aggregation and data analysis

  • Conduct more effective and timely investigations of process events through ready access to disparate data sets

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