Data Management Strategy Study Methodology

NECI uses a standard methodology to assess the maturity of an organization process data management processes and business needs.  The assessment addresses the following major elements:


  • Identify individual data sources and evaluate the degree of automation, uniqueness, accessibility, reliability, criticality and security of the data associated with each data source.

  • Map the business process around the data sources related to data collection, management and data usage.

  • Assess options for improving the accessibility, reliability and security for each data source and assess options to reduce the operational cost of data collection and management.

  • Engage stakeholders in defining existing uses of the data in the various data sources as well as opportunities for additional uses to support process understanding, process improvements and / or quality assessments.


The output of the assessment is a comprehensive report that documents the findings as well as includes prioritized recommendations for advancing the customer’s position in the data maturity model.


 Investigative Analytics

Enhanced Accessibility and Visibility

Structure & Contextualization

Manufacturing Information Systems

Manual Data Capture

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