Engineered Solutions and Supplemental Services

In addition to representing the world class data management and analysis products described above, NECI is capable of providing engineered solutions for those cases where the requirements and scope of the effort aren’t consistent with a commercial software solution.  Our team of software developers is capable of designing, implementing and deploying a purpose- built data reporting and analysis solution to meet your site needs.  NECI engineers support commercial reporting packages including, Infobatch, SSRS and Crystal reports.  Further, NECI staff can engineer custom user interfaces, webpages and Microsoft SQL databases to address those specific requirements not well addressed by commercial software solutions.  When you choose NECI engineered solutions, our team is prepared to provide a full design package for the software to include:


  • Functional Specification (co-developed with NECI and the customer)

  • Detailed Design Specification

  • Test plans and Protocols

  • Installation and Validation Support

  • System Lifecycle Care for your solution


Although the NECI engineering team is skilled in waterfall design methodology and we frequently conduct engineered software design efforts using Agile development approaches.  The advantages of Agile development are significant for you and your stakeholders.  During each of the short-term development efforts (referred to as Scrums), your stakeholders have the opportunity to provide requirements input to the design as well as get a sense of the look and feel of the proposed finished product.  Further, since there is often a trade-off between functionality and available budget, the Agile development approach enables, you the customer, to prioritize those functions that add the most value to your organization for the best cost.


Enterprise Solutions Services