Syncade Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Services

As a Emerson Impact Partner for Emerson, NECI supports the licensing, implementation and life cycle care of the Syncade MES platform.  The Syncade MES Suite of applications can be implemented in four standard configurations shown below with each configuration licensed as either “Experience” licenses for small operations and “Full” licenses for mid-size to large businesses:


  • Document Control and Training Management

  • Weigh and Dispense which includes Material Management and  Order Management

  • Equipment Logbooks

  • Full Electronic Batch Records (which includes the configurations above)

  • Configuration, Qualification and Validation


Optional components that may be included are Operator Logbooks, the Event Monitor for detecting changes in OPC tags and integration to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, laboratory information management (LIMS) systems, document control systems (DCS) and computerized maintenance management (CMMS) systems.


For more information regarding the Syncade product portfolio please view the Emerson Process Management web site


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